During my Medical Science degree, I was inspired to explore the intersection between law and medicine. My dissertation delved into ground-breaking research for potential treatments of Triple Negative Breast Cancer using Rho GTPase inhibitors. Further inspiring me were courses on human technology assessment, where I gained an appreciation for legal strategies behind drug development, something which has been more critical than ever with Covid-19 vaccines present in our NHS.

Work Experience

With Schlich, a leading European Patent and Trademark attorney firm, I had the privilege to gain valuable work experience related to IP concepts in medical research areas. With clients such as pharmaceutical companies, my role specifically focused on comparing existing claims with prior art and highlighting any key points of distinction. Mind-opening tasks included exploring topics like induced pluripotent stem cells – ideas that are shaping the way we understand healthcare advances today. 

Continued Development

Completing the White & Case US IP Virtual Learning programme on Forage Website enabled me to practically apply my medical knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of subject matter related to Intellectual Property law. The simulations, educational modules and oral advocacy I experienced all contributed towards deepening this conviction that specialising in IP Law was something I wanted to do – helping progress the world of medicine with an interdisciplinary approach.

Life at LS Law

Working with LS Law, I have the opportunity to be part of an ever growing global team. From keeping on top of regulations in the UK for Cannabinoids and OTC drugs in America to monitoring clinical trial rules across East Asia and adding a scientific edge to our blogs – this is truly one unique place where hard work pays off.