Ethics and Compliance

Embedding Compliance into the Organisation

A culture of compliance is a journey not a destination

It comprises putting in place strategies and measures that seek to embed compliance within the organisation, and starts with the tone at the top, which must be cascaded down.

Life Science Law can support you in devising and implementing a proportionate compliance management system which will drive business productivity.


Guidelines, Policies and Training is needed to ensure a streamlined approach.

Code of Conduct

Sets the tone which flows through the company


Clear guidelines to provide the organization with confidence in what they are doing


Regular training on internal processes aligned with role

Third Party Due Diligence

Ensuring the ethos of external partners is known


Regular channels of communication which reinforces the ethos


Monitor, measure, analyse, evaluate. Controls must be in place to manage identified risks and associated compliance processes.

Risk Assessment

To identify areas of risk and evaluate gaps and improvements


Continual monitoring to ensure adherence to process


Independent audits are an effective tool to uncover gaps


A consistent, objective and documented investigation process


A channel is needed where concerns can be anonymously reported


A fair and consistent process is required to address gaps proportionately.

Case Management

A documented streamlined process to ensure fairness

Objective Actions

Outcomes are uniform and fair


To close an identified knowledge gap

Risk Mitigation

Putting plans in place to mitigate identified risks


Implementing strategies to close identified gaps