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Helping You to Up-Skill Your Organisation to Improve Turnaround Times and Reduce Risk

Our experience working in-house has taught us that explaining the context behind ‘why‘ we must do things in a certain way helps to bring stakeholders on board and improve compliance and reduce risk.

There is a legal backdrop behind all the services we provide here at Life Science Law and we have found that providing practical answers and context to legal questions which are integral to the operation of the business helps to avoid confusion.

We can provide tailored training to business stakeholders at an appropriate level whether that’s data privacy training to the sales and marketing teams or a social media campaign.

The Suite of Training We Can Provide Includes:

Why is a Confidentiality Agreement Needed

GDPR and the Collection Process of Storing Personal Data

Non-Promotional Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

We Can Also Draft Specific Training to Meet a Particular Training Need You Have Identified Within the Business to Mitigate a Perceived Risk.

Why is a Contract Needed and How to Populate a Contract Template

Regulatory Considerations When Organising Virtual Events

If you have a training need within your organisation, and would like support in putting a training deck together and/or delivery of that training, please do book a call, where we would be delighted to help you devise a plan.