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Data Privacy

Helping You Navigate Complex Data Rules

If you hold details on employees, customers or suppliers you are likely to hold personal data, and must ensure you collect, control, process, store and delete such personal data in accordance with legal requirements.

In the UK and Europe, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) must be adhered to. In other global jurisdictions, data privacy legislation may also apply.

Interactions with individuals are central to the activities of the life science industry, and so ensuring the company has appropriate safeguards in place, data privacy policies, and the correct contractual clauses are used, and ensuring you have a lawful basis to process personal data is critical.

We can provide you with a stand-alone data privacy officer, or provide you with bespoke data privacy support and advice across the globe as and when needed.

We can devise a streamlined process and policies to ensure personal data is handled compliantly, whether that’s drafting a privacy policy, a form of consent, or advice on how to handle personal data.