Life Science Law’s Vision

The vision was to provide a second to none service that could be turned on and off or up and down as required. The job market and the skills gaps that are appearing across most companies’ legal organograms would benefit from such a model. We have seen a hike in clients wanting to ensure no areas of the business are exposed or without proper advice. The aforementioned model of agile, demand-lead legal support lends itself to remedying the resource challenge that many companies are facing.
In an industry where specialism is paramount and understanding the intricacies of the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector is essential to the role, offering tailored legal support from subject matter experts has to be the best way.

The Legal Sector is Demanding New Ways of Working

Life Science Law launched based on client demand. The demand for a network built by lawyers for lawyers within the life science and pharmaceutical sector to help them build the best teams possible. Looking from the inside out, we are proud to offer the services of leading experts.

The way in which our team works is somewhat different to the traditional approach of taking seats in a large London office. Yes, we do have London-based premises as we wholeheartedly see the need and value of meeting in person when required, but due to the globally dispersed locations of our clients and the team, working remotely often provides the best possible fit and environment for all parties. Right at a time when we are being urged to go back into the office, our team is simply working where it’s deemed to be most effective for all parties, not where we’ve simply always worked. This all just seems to make sense and conducive to the best possible collaboration.

We’ve torn up the rulebook and started with a clean slate on how to do things based on what the client needs within the new working world. We’ve certainly got our ear to the ground and are proud to be advocates of change for the better!

To find out how Life Science Law can help your business, our Founder Wendy offers 30-minute consultations – with no obligation to instruct and no costs. Wendy will assess your business needs, identify potential legal issues, and tailor a bespoke plan for you. Email  or click here