Following advice from LS Law, the organisation clearly understood its responsibilities as a data controller of personal data. By working with LS Law, the team at 3BP was able to constructively address any unknown areas in data privacy legislation and best practices of data compliance, and to put in place a data privacy by design road map. 

The business is now GDPR compliant, its individual customers are protected and its partnerships are collaborating in the most secure and effective way.  

The Future

The team at LS Law are currently working on a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) process designed to help 3BP systematically analyse, identify and minimise any data protection risks and to ensure the organisation continues to comply with all of its data protection obligations.


“Wendy and the team were fantastic to work with, they clearly understood what we were trying to achieve and made sense of a complex and sensitive issue that is critical to our business. We see LS Law as a long-term partner and supplier of knowledge. The service was of the highest quality, on time and on budget! They were a pleasure to work with!”

3BP’s Chief Operating Officer, Shil Mehta