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Filiz K

Filiz K

Senior Legal Consultant

Overview of Experience

I am a Belgian Solicitor with over 15 years of experience, working within the life science sector, which includes Bristol Myers Squibb, Astellas, Sandoz and Medtronic Spinal and Biologics Europe BVBA (who acquired Kyphon Europe BVBA) and GSK Vaccine headquarters Belgium.

Areas of Expertise


Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, including legislation regarding interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations, anti-bribery, transparency, and trade sanctions.

Contract Law

Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of contracts, such as sales agreements, consulting agreements, sponsoring/grant agreements, CTAs (Clinical Trial Agreements), and manufacturing/OEM agreements.

Corporate Law

Handling corporate governance matters for legal entities, including legal support for strategic decision-making, managing legal entities post-acquisition, and ensuring compliance with corporate regulations.

Pharmaceutical Law

Dealing with legal issues specific to the pharmaceutical industry, such as medicines law, product launches, product liability, and legal requirements for promotional and non-promotional materials.

Intellectual Property (IP) Support

Providing legal support related to IP matters, including collaborating with IP teams or outside counsel for commercialization and launch activities, and conducting promotional and non-promotional reviews of materials.

Data Privacy Law

Ensuring compliance with data privacy laws, such as data protection regulations applicable to the healthcare industry.

Competition Law

Advising on legal matters related to competition law within the pharmaceutical sector.

Employment Law

Handling legal issues related to employment law, including employment contracts and compliance with employment regulations.

Dispute Resolution

Managing legal disputes and coordinating with outside counsel for dispute resolution.

Corporate Compliance

Developing compliance policies, implementing and enforcing compliance programs, providing training, and supporting compliance audits.

General Commercial Law

Providing legal counsel on various general commercial law matters relevant to the businesses, such as contract management, procurement agreements, and commercial litigation.

Regulatory Bodies of Expertise

I have experience with both the local Belgian regulations, including,, Mdeon, and Medaxes.

I have also experience with the general principles laid down in the Code of Practice of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (the “EFPIA Code of Practice”).

Track Record

Bristol Myers Squib

I led the Benelux legal and compliance team, which included supporting compliance matters and assisting with the monitoring of compliance performance and educating/training employees in the healthcare industry with regard to interactions with healthcare professionals and anti-corruption laws as well as pharmaceutical advertisement.

Medtronic Spinal and Biologics Europe BVBA

I was the legal counsel for the European distribution center and the EMEA region. I was the primary point of contact for all legal issues and provided counsel to all levels and coordinated legal operations to support the business, procurement and supply chain departments, including strategic advice and primary legal support for many projects.

Sandoz N.V.

Here, I held the position of Head of Legal and Compliance, where I played a pivotal role in managing legal affairs and ensuring compliance for the company in Belgium and Luxembourg. I was responsible for drafting and negotiating various sales agreements, including agreements with clients, hospitals, and other stakeholders. I also supported the procurement department, advising on supplier agreements, and oversaw contract management and template agreement updates.

I also led the compliance efforts, writing policies, implementing and enforcing them, and providing training to employees, ensuring adherence to relevant laws in the healthcare industry.