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Jennifer OF

Jennifer OF

Paralegal / Contracts Support

Overview of Experience

I am a UK based paralegal with over 5 years of experience working within industry. I have worked as an effective member of the in-house legal team for a number of multi-national organisations, including Organon, Amicus, and Google, supporting contract management, social media activities, and interactions with healthcare professional engagements.

Areas of Expertise

Contract Management.  am proficient on end-to-end contract management, to include the development of templates, drafting, review and negotiation as well as training.

I also have experience with social media campaigns and the watch outs for pharma.

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

I have worked within the pre-clinical and post marketing authorisation setting for multi-national organisations, including women’s health and rare diseases.

Track Record

Since the beginning of 2022, I have worked as a consultant to Life Science Law. I have supported the rollout of a contracts management system for a number of clients, which included setting up the process, drafting SOPs, the provision of training, drafting, reviewing and updating contract templates.

I also have experience working on contracts with CROs, HCPs and other third party service contracts.

I have worked across a number of industries including pharma and life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, entertainment and technology including Organon, Amicus, Farillio and Google.