The Benefits of a Truly Global Reach

When an organisation talks about having a ‘global reach’ it immediately conjures up thoughts of a large multinational with a widespread organigram and complex international corporate structure. This in many cases reflects the size and complexity of several clients we work with within the pharmaceutical sector. By comparison, and at the other end of the spectrum, we often talk of local knowledge and specialism within a geographical location or niche market, this conjures up thoughts of a smaller organisation. Both obviously have their pros and cons! 

With local knowledge, such an approach could be argued to be invaluable as the most appropriate legal advice to be provided. Having a presence in emerging economies allows firms to consult clients more appropriately and to benefit from the prosperous environments emerging economies offer.

Much like many facets of Life Science Law, we go against the grain and don’t fall into either camp and for good reason. Our model has been to disrupt the status quo and do things differently, but actually, we are  just building and evolving a platform that provides clients with what they are asking for. In particular, if you’re looking for a local partner with global expertise that can be hard to find in the legal service market. 

Ironically in this very market, compliance, the law, cultural differences and the importance of having local knowledge are paramount to the service levels and accuracy of the advice given. To truly understand and safeguard our clients we need to provide them with specialist consultants that are not only on the ground locally, but able to offer our clients whatever they need and from wherever they need it. 

Globalisation in the Healthcare Sector

Globalisation has achieved remarkable results in the healthcare sector such as contributing to health improvements through the diffusion of new health knowledge, low-cost health technologies, and human rights. What’s more, increased economic growth has enhanced improvements in healthcare such as creating new treatments and preventing all kinds of illnesses and diseases. 

However, globalisation is having a profound impact on the health of populations everywhere and is creating new challenges for international law and policy. It has highlighted and considerably complicated the need for effective mechanisms of global health governance. In fact, promoting public health and equity requires worldwide cooperation and coordination.

There is no doubt that having global legal specialists is beneficial. The world is more interconnected than it has ever been and lawyers who can help organisations navigate international legal issues are increasingly in demand. Law firms that have the ability to call on expertise in multiple countries will clearly continue to have an advantage in terms of attracting international business clients.

*With a network of 40 consultants operating across the globe, including the US, China, South America, Middle East, UK and the EU.  Consultants who speak the local language, understand the culture, and the way in which the regulations work in  each of those jurisdictions.  Consultants who all have experience working within  life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical device industry, and healthcare sectors,  Life Science Law has got its client’s needs covered. Our consultants who are based in the aforementioned geographically dispersed locations are also able to tap into the global expertise that we house from our London offices and HQ! We are ideally structured for new ways of working that suit our client’s needs.  Our network of consultants can easily be accessed remotely or be mobile onsite with our clients in whatever location is required. We’ve rewritten the rule book and scaled globally right where we are needed. Ultimately clients can tap into our network of legal service consultants irrespective of location. *