David Williams & His Career in the Life Sciences Industry

What Attracted You to LS Law?

I was attracted by the opportunity to continue growing and developing as an experienced corporate commercial lawyer, with a focus on the life sciences industry.  I liked the idea of working independently but also being part of a team of legal professionals, who support each other to provide the best possible service to our clients.  LS Law is growing quickly, as it has been exciting to be part of that growth.

And What Has Been Your Experience of Working for LS Law?

The quality of the work has been great.  The support is there when you need it, but most of the time I just get on and support my clients as and when required.

Can You Tell Us a Little About the Kind of Work You Have Been Doing for LS Law?

At the moment, I am providing support to a large pharma company in a broad range of commercial projects.  The work is very international and allows me to draw on much of the experience that I have gained over the years as a practising lawyer in the life sciences sector.

A Strong Interest in Industry and Commerce Led Me to Study Law.

I trained at a leading City of London firm and spent the first few years of my career as a corporate lawyer – working on mergers and acquisitions, business re-organisations, takeovers and flotations.  I then moved in-house and spent several years working for a large multinational in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.  It was then that I took the decision to move into the life sciences sector.

And What Was it About the Life Sciences Sector that Made You Want to Get Involved?

Medicine and health are relevant to all of us.  The life sciences sector doesn’t always enjoy a good press, but I believe that it can be – and often is – a positive force for good.

Tell Us About Some of the Highlights in Your Career.

My career has been very international, and I really enjoy working on projects which give me the opportunity to learn about other parts of the world.  It’s also given me the opportunity to live and work abroad – early on in my career, I spent a short period of time in Tokyo and, more recently, was in Paris for a couple of years.  

And Outside of Work?

I love the outdoors – hiking, cycling, kayaking, travel.  I’m fascinated by languages and am currently trying to get to grips with Mandarin.  I’m also an active member of my local Amnesty group.

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