LS Law’s Victoria Cartolano & Her Career in the Life Sciences Industry

What Attracted You to LS Law?

I think LS Law is quite unique, the company’s focus on the Life Science Industry was attractive to me along with the variety of projects I could get involved with.

What’s Been Your Experience of Working at LS Law?

I like the versatility of working on many different projects, it really is a very rewarding learning experience. There is also a very experienced team here, with lots of specialists in the industry, so there is always someone to seek support from or share knowledge with.

Can You Tell Us a Little About the Kind of Work You Have Been Doing for LS Law?

At Life Science Law, I am currently providing virtual ad-hoc legal support to a pharmaceutical company. I am really enjoying the flexibility and variety of work that I am being asked to support and the opportunity to apply my knowledge around Corporate Law, Data Privacy and Compliance to solve complex legal matters.

I Was Always Intrigued About the Law.

Growing up in Buenos Aires in Argentina, I studied Politics and Economics at High School, and this led me to study Corporate Law at the University of Buenos Aires and I knew straight away this was the career for me. My first legal job was working for the Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Defence for the Argentinian Government – where I undertook many different roles for the 6yrs I was there.

How Was Your Interest in the Life Sciences Industry Sparked?

I moved into the Life Sciences Industry in 2018, after being referred by a colleague who thought I’d be well suited to the industry. I was curious and wanted to learn more about it and I must admit I am happy I decided to make such a change. I see myself working in the Life Sciences industry for the rest of my career. I get a real buzz from working on projects, such as clinical trials, that make such a difference to the wider community.

Tell Us About Some of the Highlights in Your Career.

I have many, but there is one that stands out to me, where I contributed to the efforts of the legal/contracting department team to accelerate the finalisation of the agreements, which enabled the start-up phase of a clinical trial to commence. Being able to collaborate with legal team members, and the business to achieve the output needed is very rewarding to me.

And Outside of Work?

I have a passion for pottery and have been going to classes every week for 4yrs making lots of plates and bowls for my and my friend’s homes. I also enjoy walking or running and going out with friends.

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