As the week unfolded, there were a number of other areas where the cross-border experience was far from clear:

  • Haulier not accepting parcels into Northern Ireland and Europe – Commodity Code and EU EORI number issue.
  • Confusion on EU EORI numbers and whether shipping DDP was now possible into EU.
  • Confusion on shipping directly to end customers – best practice to engage a customs intermediary firm.
  • Who should pick up VAT payments?
  • Which INCO terms should we now apply for shipping into the EU?
  • Country of Origin additional costs – products manufactured outside the EU will now attract duty when shipping to the EU.

The above is a classic example of the practical support Life Science Law provides to its business clients.  Making myself immediately available to listen to the problem, understanding the issue, and then working with relevant stakeholders and external advisors to find a workable and expedited solution.