So What is the Legal Team Doing in Terms of Setting its Focus in the Meantime?

In our last article, we asked some questions as to what BREXIT means for cross border deals and agreements. Has the legal team got a handle on which cross border supply agreements will need to be reviewed?

Some questions to be considered:

  • Which legal jurisdiction governs the contract? Is this now optimal?
  • Will customs clearance take longer and require a different procedure? Do the KPIs and timelines need to be updated?
  • Is there a clause within the contract which handles disputes? If so, are the timelines and reasons for escalation adequate?
  • Does the contract need an arbitration clause?
  • Is there an annual price increase built into the contract? Does this factor in the additional costs of BREXIT?

If you are looking for support in setting a plan to review, or update such contracts, or simply wish to talk things through, please get in touch here